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Access Control

Access control enables an organization to track movement patterns within a system.  By utilizing an access control system with card readers, turnstiles, or an electronic gate, your company is able to allow or deny access to different

individuals at different times on different days.  Imagine having the ability to lock all doors with the press of a button, or track an employee's movement through out his or her day.  Our access control systems provide both security and operational benefits by enabling you to put your building on lockdown with the press of a button or track an employee's attendance records, all in one system.

  • Electronic Access Control:  Track employee access, generate traffic reports, prevent access by unauthorized visitors, and restrict access on a person-by-person basis.
  • Biometrics:  Lost cards, forgotten passwords, and outdated keypads are a thing of the past.  Biometric identification through fingerprints, iris scans, facial identification, and other technologies is unobtrusive, but reliably restricts access to your facilities and sensitive areas.
  • Visitor Management:  Track and monitor where visitors are inside your organization.  Go beyond a simple badge or barcode to track usage statistics by specific visitors and provide documentation of visitor locations within a facility.